Project Learning Tree Activity Guides

With your students you can:

  • ADOPT A TREE… use all of your senses to investigate your tree and see how it changes throughout the year.
  • GO… on a school safari.
  • DISCOVER… the secret ingredients in soil.
  • INVESTIGATE… the value of wildlife to a community.
  • DESCRIBE… all the many roles wood and paper products play in our lives.
  • CREATE… a collage using only materials from the environment.
  • DEBATE… as a group of interested citizens trying to decide how to manage a piece of forested land acquired by your community.
  • TEST… the effects of overcrowding on plant growth.

This programs includes:

  • Ready-made lessons and activities that can be used to supplement existing curricula.
  • Action-oriented activities that can be used in any order, and require little, if anything, in the way of equipment.
  • New ideas that can be used with children having special needs.
  • Activities written by classroom teachers with the support and assistance of environmental educators, foresters, and conservation groups.